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       人体八大系统绝大多数疾病均可得到很好地治疗效果,进针极浅,不破皮,不出血;主要以安全、 无痛、零风险、见效快、复发率低等为特点,截止2018年末冷先生临床亲自治疗患者近35万余例,硕果累累,口碑相传,冷氏点睛遍地开花结果,美不胜收。国内著名画家,诗人倪继周先生和丁泽华先生为冷氏点睛术挥毫泼墨。“点睛术,功在当代,利在千秋——倪继周”;“大道至简——丁泽华”。“四和牡丹图——丁泽华”。各家媒体及编辑社纷纷报道冷氏点睛术的卓越成果。同时该疗法吸引国内外众多医生及医学爱好者追捧学习,截止2018年末,全球学员近二十万人,治愈患者超1.5亿人次,造福人类。
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In 2001, the "Leng's Eye Dotting Technique" was researched and created and applied for registration in relevant national units, and certificates were issued by the State Trademark Administration and the State Intellectual Property Office. This therapy uses the European version of "Stress Science", "Human Movement Function Anatomy", etc. to find the "switch" to control human diseases, and to treat them, the pain will be relieved and the pain will be cured immediately. He is the first expert who proposed to find the two professional terms of “stress point” through “stress diagnosis” in front of medical experts in the world, and was unanimously recognized by many experts and scholars in 46 countries. This is also a conclusion drawn after years of clinical practice. Known as "the first person to stress the pain in the new era". Relevant national units announced to the world with the image of "Chinese model".
Leng’s Eye Treatment has always been used for rapid and accurate diagnosis (no imaging film required); safe and zero risk—avoid all dangerous areas, only puncture, no puncture, no bleeding, absolutely painless, no drugs, fast treatment and cure Various pain and numbness syndromes; good long-term effect, pay attention to keep warm and not easy to relapse. In clinical applications, doctors use it with ease and peace of mind: because there is no need for various large, medium and small equipment to assist diagnosis, stress diagnosis is extremely simple, fast and accurate, and treatment is safe and zero-risk; patients are willing to accept, rest assured: because there is no need to film, it saves money Qian avoids X-rays, which is more in line with today's green health and green treatments; fast and painless treatment, so adults and children can accept it, every 3-5 minutes; the treatment course is short, and the effect is immediate. 97% is effective in one time, 70% is cured in three days, 40% is cured in one time, and the recurrence rate is only 0.9%. The long-term effect is characterized by the long-term effect, which is deeply loved and recommended by doctors and patients. Most diseases of the eight major systems of the human body can be treated well, with very shallow needle entry, no breakage, no bleeding; mainly characterized by safety, painlessness, zero risk, quick response, and low recurrence rate, as of the end of 2018 Mr. Leng personally treated nearly 350,000 patients in clinical practice, with fruitful results and word-of-mouth communication. Leng’s finishing touches blossomed everywhere, and the beauty was unbelievable. Famous domestic painters and poets, Mr. Ni Jizhou and Mr. Ding Zehua, splattered ink for Leng's eye-touching technique. "Fitting the eye, the work is in the present, the benefit is in the future-Ni Jizhou"; "The road to the simple-Ding Zehua". "Sihe Peony Picture-Ding Zehua". Various media and editorial agencies have reported on the outstanding results of Leng's eye-touching technique. At the same time, the therapy has attracted many doctors and medical enthusiasts at home and abroad to pursue learning. As of the end of 2018, there were nearly 200,000 students worldwide, and more than 150 million patients were cured, benefiting mankind.